1435 6th Ave Downtown San Diego CA
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Cocina 35 its dedicated to bring to you the essence of MEXICO, the flavors, aromas and textures that were given to us, growing up cooking right next to our grandparents in MEXICO.

We are a COMIDA CORRIDA( build your plate ) Restaurant.
Visit us and Enjoy the flavors of Mexico!!



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Cocina 35
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Michael K.
Michael K.
2018-06-19 08:42:38
This just moved to my favorite breakfast place in San Diego. Food is shown in the window so you can see what you are ordering and the enormous size of the...
Chris J.
Chris J.
2018-06-19 14:34:33
Not a hidden gem, as it is well known and always packed, but it is know known for me. They are truly "making chilaquiles great again"! Expect a long line...
Jonathan B.
Jonathan B.
2018-06-19 08:39:44
I found myself looking for a 6th and 8th Star!!! Come hungry because you will want to order everything. The food is beautifully displayed and cooked to...