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San diego is well known for its various types of Mexican food.

In cocina 35 we present to you the OLD SCHOOL , the way our grandparents cooked. The essence of home made salsas, beans and soups. Dishes that you can enjoy even before you have the first bite because the aromas will make you taste the flavor of classic Mexican home style cooking. The same way you were to eat if  were sitting down in a familys house in Mexico.

Cocina 35 was created to do just that. To bring that experience to San Diego. Mexican cuisine is something that evolves every day in peoples houses and the streets. Mexico is well known for its Fiestas and Mercados(flee markets), the platters that surrounds those events are the type of dishes  you will enjoy at Cocina35.

You can enjoy the BEST CHILAQUILES IN SAN DIEGO, just like grandma used to make them, not in the mood for breakfast? try our  Cochinita Pibil served with a side of Cilantro Rice in a plate or in a torta Which is a Mexican sandwich created with daily fresh baked telera (bread) as simple as you want it to be.

Well let the food speak for itself because at Cocina 35 we don’t use nothing but the freshest ingredients and the highest quality meats.

We will make sure your experience is a one that you’ll love since our customer service will round it up focusing on anything you may need as soon as you step one foot inside Cocina 35.

Having said all this lets start eating tell me what can I get you today??




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